Five Cookbooks That Will Help You Master Pakistani Cuisine

Pakistani cuisine is more than just kababs and naan.

For millennia, Pakistan has been a crossroads of civilizations, with each leaving their mark on the Pakistani palate. We've selected five cookbooks that will help you master the full breadth of Pakistani cuisine.


By Sumayya Usmani

Summers Under the Tamarind Tree

This British-Pakistani chef serves a comprehensive introduction to Pakistani cuisine. Elegant and authentic, this cookbook covers virtually all the bases. You'll find the introduction to cooking methods and spice blends to be very helpful.


By Saliha Mahmood Ahmed


The Masterchef UK winner's book is inspired by the cuisine of the Mughal Empire, which once ruled what's now Pakistan. You'll enjoy this intro to Mughal cuisine — a literal melting pot of flavors from the subcontinent, Persia, and Central Asia.


By Shehar Bano Rizvi


Packed with 100 recipes, Rizvi's cookbook is also a deeply personal account of her bond with food and family. Come for the chutney recipes, and stay for the heartwarming memories of loved ones.


By Sumayya Usmani

Mountain Berries and Desert Spice

A perfect pair for Usmani's The Tamarind Tree, this book is all about your sweet tooth. Many of the recipes are of desserts you'll never find in a Pakistani restaurant, including from the apricot-loving, picturesque Hunza Valley. 


By Kausar Ahmed

The Karachi Kitchen

This Seattle-based chef offers a lean survey of contemporary Pakistani flavors, including some unconventional desserts and snacks. Not as comprehensive as other cookbooks, but still a worthy addition to your shelf.


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