The Nur Jahan — Mogulesque Relaxed Fit Women’s Graphic Crop Hoodie With Urdu Typography



This is the crop hoodie edition of The Nur Jahan, one of our apparel sets celebrating the Moguls — the medieval kings and queens of bling.

It features our interpretation of a classic portrait of Mogul Empress Nur Jahan.

Nur Jahan (“Light of the World”) was more than just the wife of Emperor Jahangir. She was one of the world’s most powerful people of her time, serving as the real power behind the throne as her husband’s health eroded. Nur Jahan did it all: from designing fashion to commanding battles and serving as a devoted wife and mother. She even struck coins in her own name.

This relaxed fit crop hoodie celebrates Nur Jahan’s legacy as a woman leader.

The design, also available as a t-shirt, features our Art Deco-style logo on top with the name of Nur Jahan written in beautiful Urdu script along the bottom. Pair it with one of our Mumtaz Mahal hoodies or t-shirts.

  • 85% combed ringspun cotton, 15% polyester
  • Relaxed fit

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